Best Buy Pulls Geek Squad Out of Target Stores

Paul Lilly

Best Buy has more important problems to solve than trying to expand Geek Squad's reach.

Attention Target shoppers, Geek Squad has left the building. At the conclusion of a six-month pilot program that saw Geek Squad agents offer installation, repair, and warranty services to electronics customers at 29 Target stores in Denver and Minneapolis, Best Buy decided it was time to pull out, presumably to focus on more pressing matters, the Star Tribune reports .

"As part of our ongoing … transformation efforts we have been very clear that we are focused on the company’s core business, including the Geek Squad opportunity with Best Buy’s own customers," company spokesman Matt Furman said in a statement. "We have valued our collaboration with an outstanding Target team, whom we admire and respect as retail leaders and hometown business colleagues."

Target has had a tough time selling electronics as it goes up against the likes of Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy. The brick-and-mortar chain even redesigned its entertainment sections in hopes of drawing more consumers into its electronics section.

"Target is committed to providing our guests with the latest products and tech support services coupled with our exceptional everyday values," the company said in a statement. "We will continue to evaluate opportunities to meet our guests’ needs and deliver on our ‘Expect More. Pay Less.’ brand promise."

The decision to part ways is said to have been a mutual one.

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