Best Buy Proudly Offers Yet Another Fictional Service

Pulkit Chandna

It now appears that most of the civilized world may have underestimated the intricacy of modern shutter glass technology. Shutter glass technology is such a technological labyrinth that only a handful of men know the correct way to use 3D glasses. Thankfully enough, though, they are willing to let others partake from their well of esoteric wisdom for around $150.

But Best Buy's Geek Squad can unravel the mystery of syncing 3D glasses with a 3DTV for free as long as you are willing to buy a 3DTV. Yes, a new Best Buy promotional offer might lead some absolute tech greenhorns to believe that 3D glasses actually have to be synced: “Geek Squad will set up your TV and Blu-ray player, connect them to your wireless network and sync your 3D glasses for amazing experiences.”

The news first appeared on the blog HD Guru. These guys even contacted not one but three different Best Buy stores. But Best Buy employees remained brazed in their defense and went as far as concocting 3D shutter glasses with IP addresses. According to Best Buy employees that HD Guru talked with, the 3D glasses need to be synced with the Blu-ray player either wirelessly - the IP address has a significant role - or using the “USB port” on them.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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