Best Buy Employee Flips Epic 4G Customer the Bird

Paul Lilly

A member of the Android Central forum uploaded a picture of a Best Buy employee waving his middle finger, which came pre-loaded on his newly purchased Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II) smartphone. After discovering the surprise extra, he sought out a store manager who dismissed the situation, saying it's not uncommon for Best Buy employees to open new merchandise and play with the hardware before boxing them back up and selling as new.

"Yeah I have to admit the camera quality is petty nice, lol. But yeah I spoke to their manager and he just made excuses, 'When we get in new devices the techs like to open them up and explore them a bit,' was his reasoning," Android Central forum member "remii" explains . "I then asked why would there be such a vulgar photo on my phone then and he went on to say that they should have deleted it before it was sold. Awesome."

Remii had better luck speaking with a second manager who " apologized profusely " and set him up with a new device, presumably one that hasn't been toyed with by juvenile employees, and threw in a $25 gift card for good measure.

Props to for picking up the story and posting a comically altered version of the original pic.

Image Credit: Flickr Wonderdawg777

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