Best Buy Confirms Plans to Carry Surface RT Online and In Stores

Paul Lilly

The Internet is a tough place to try and keep a secret, so why bother? Evidently we're not the only ones that feel that way. After rumors, uh, surfaced that Surface RT would show up in third-party retail stores , Best Buy reached out to Maximum PC to confirm that it plans on selling the Windows RT-based tablet online starting December 12, 2012, and in select retail and Mobile specialty stores nationwide beginning Sunday, December 16.

There's even a web portal on Best Buy's website for Surface RT. It currently states "Coming Soon," but barring any last minute hitches, that will change tomorrow at noon CST.

Pricing looks to be the same as Microsoft's online store, with Surface RT tablets starting at $500 for the 32GB model (tablet only). Best Buy didn't say if it would also carry the Touch Cover and Type Cover, but we'd be shocked if it didn't.

The neat thing about Best Buy (and possibly other retailers) hopping on the Surface bandwagon is that it opens the door to third-party discounts. We don't know of any planned discounts at the moment, but it's not unusual for sale prices to pop up, especially during the holiday shopping season. Need a real world example? Best Buy is currently selling the Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 Bundle for $160 and the Nintendo 3DS Flame Red with Super Mario Land for $130, both of which represent a $40 savings over the MSRP.

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