, BenQ FP202W,


Like Envision’s entry, BenQ’s FP202W is bargain-priced at $550, and it suffers some of the same issues as that monitor. The FP202W is hobbled by limited ergonomic options (offering only a forward and backward tilt) and a bare-bones feature set.

Like the Gateway, the FP202W sports a widescreen aspect ratio and OSD buttons placed inconveniently along the outer right edge. BenQ offers no software alternative to the OSD, so if you want to make adjustments to the picture, you’re forced to muddle through the functionality of seven tiny buttons whose labels you can’t see. That’s just cruel.

Right away, we were struck by the unevenness of FP202W’s backlight. On a dark screen, light seeped through around the screen’s edges, and large swaths of solid color were marred by blotchiness. In DisplayMate, grayscale reproduction was unimpressive and color tracking errors were evident. The monitor also has a very narrow viewing angle. Straight-on, various test content would appear acceptable, only to lose all color and contrast integrity once we stepped even slightly to the side.

The FP202W was decent in terms of game response, but that hardly matters, given its myriad shortcomings. No amount of savings is worth the sacrifices you’ll make with this screen.

Month Reviewed: April 2006

+ BIRD'S EYE VIEW: Inexpensive.

- BIRD'S EYE STEW: Splotch screen; poor off-axis; no ergo options.


URL: www.benq.us

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