Belkin May Have a History of Unethical Practices

Pulkit Chandna

Although Belkin denied any wrongdoing on its part when two of its employees were recently caught soliciting positive reviews for money, an anonymous person, claiming to have served the company for a decade, has slammed the company’s CEO Mark Renoso for encouraging such unethical tactics .

The anonymous person claims to have himself performed “dirty deeds” for Mark Renoso. He made these allegations against the company on the blog that broke the Belkingate story .

This happens to be the second instance of an anonymous Belkin employee accusing the company of unabashedly resorting to unscrupulous means to further its interests. Gizmodo had very recently published an email from an anonymous Belkin employee, who claimed that even Belkin’s employees maintain a safe distance from the company's products, including the free ones.

Image Credit: TheDailyBackground

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