Belkin Intros SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cards for Desktops, Laptops

Maximum PC Staff

Belkin has just introduced a few more USB 3.0 toys for retrofitters to contemplate: add-in cards that upgrade existing desktops and laptops.

The first is the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe add-in card for desktops.  The Second is the SuperSpeed 3.0 ExpressCard for laptops. Both add two USB 3.0 ports to existing hardware. And both, according to Belkin, pump data transfer speeds up to three times that of USB 2.0. (Which is a tad below USB 3.0’s theoretical upward limit of five times USB 2.0.)

Rounding out Belkin’s SuperSpeed line is a USB 3.0-compliant cable: the SuperSpeed A-B cable .

Each of the cards will retail for $79.99. The cable will cost $39 for the 4-foot cable, and $49 for the 8-foot cable. Each of these new products will appear on retailer’s shelves in April.

Image Credit: Belkin

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