Belgian ISP Posts List of Top Bandwidth Users

Ryan Whitwam

Many ISPs around the world have taken to instituting restricting bandwidth caps, but Belgian ISP Telenet has a fairly amicable system. Lower priced, slower service is capped between 50 and 80GB pr month, but higher packages are governed only by fair use. Telenet recently posted to their forums a list of the 25 top downloaders in the last month. The top user in that list used an astonishing 2.7TB (down and up) during that billing cycle.

The list doesn't appear to have any personally identifiable except what appear to be forum usernames for some users. Below the 2.7TB top end, it drops off quickly to a respectable 1.9TB, then to 1.5 and 1.3TB. The last user on the list used 430GB of total bandwidth. Telenet reserves the right to throttle users down to 512Kbps is they engage in excessive usage, it is unclear if any of these users will feel the sting of a slowed connection.

It's hard to see how these users managed to use so much data unless they were running torrents or Usenet downloads constantly. There's certainly nothing saying users cannot use those protocols, but Telenet says the connection is only to be used for " legal data". By stipulating the fair use limits, they're free to complain about this sort of usage. While we might secretly root for these giants of data usage, none of us would want to live in their neighborhood and share their pipes.

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