Beatles on iTunes Prove Popular

Paul Lilly

Maybe it's time we posted another guide on how to rip CDs so Beatles fans can save themselves a bit of scratch and fill their iPod touch devices without re-buying music. Or perhaps Beatles fans are invested in vinyl and cassette tapes. Get this -- initial sales figures show that music lovers purchased more than 450,000 Beatles albums and 2 million individual songs on iTunes through the first week of sales, according to Billboard .

U.S. album sales totaled 119,000 units, including 13,000 digital box sets, and 1.4 million individual digital tracks. To put that into perspective, weekly U.S. digital track sales have averaged 21.7 million units up to this point in 2010, which means the Beatles' first week of sales is about 6.4 percent of U.S. track sales for an average week.

You can also chalk this up to heavy marketing on the part of Apple. The Cupertino company ran TV spots during Sunday's American Music Awards, Sunday Night Football, and other prime time programming, with more TV and newspaper ads scheduled for Black Friday.

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