BBC Jumps on HTML5 Video Bandwagon


Nowadays instances of major online content providers ditching Flash entirely or in part are becoming very common. The latest do so is the venerable British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the largest broadcaster on planet Earth. According to a report, videos on both the mobile and regular versions of the BBC News site are now available in HTML5.

This move was expected not only because of Adobe’s recent decision to kill Flash on mobile devices, but also due to the fact that the BBC had been trialling HTML5 videos on the Health section of its website since early November. It will ensure the availability of BBC News videos on popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS regardless of Flash, making them available to a wider section of smartphone and tablet users.

Despite being criticized for lagging behind in HTML5 support, the BBC chose to stick to Adobe Flash for so long citing “technical challenges around the ability to secure video streams in HTML 5.” However, according to Electronista , the broadcaster’s site still uses Flash for video on PCs whenever possible.

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