Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Shipping in September for $70

Paul Lilly

Electronic Arts' DICE studio has announced plans to release Battlefield 3 Premium Edition in September. The Premium bundle will cost $70 and, as you can guess from the name, comes with a membership to Battlefield Premium, a service that bombards gamers with a bunch of extras, including five themed digital expansion packs and access to DLC before everyone else.

The Premium bundle will also ship with a Multiplayer Head Start Kit that unlocks 15 weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades. Basically, everything but the kitchen sink is included -- more than 25 maps, over 70 weapons and vehicles in all, and dozens of unlocks and upgrades.

"Since launch, over 15 million people worldwide have enjoyed the thrill of Battlefield, and with the release of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition the community is set to surge once again. Packing a ton of gameplay at an incredible price, there has never been a better time to jump in and see what all the fun is about. We look forward to seeing some new faces on the battlefield," said Patrick Bach, Executive Producer, Battlefield 3.

It's a pretty good deal for first time BF3ers. A Battlefield Premium membership alone costs $50, and this package runs only $20 more, if that's the route you were going to take. It will launch in the U.S. on September 11 and in the U.K. on September 13.

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