Battlefield 3 Officially Revealed: 64-Player Battles, Brand New Engine, Fighter Jets, More Confirmed

Maximum PC Staff

After years of exotic murder vacations that took us everywhere from the future to a cartoon that may have tried to rob us , Battlefield's finally finished playing around. Battlefield 3 is as real as can be, and – straight from DICE's mouth – it's launching this fall.

Game Informer 's got the full scoop, but for now, it's only tossing out a few precious morsels of info. Foremost, that “3” isn't just for show. BF3's bringing back everything you've been silently enduring a shell of a life without: 64-player matches, jets, and the ability to go prone chief among them. This time around, though, that'll all be nougaty filling wrapped in the Frostbite Engine 2.0's crunchy, entirely destructible shell.

Beyond that, there's not much else to reveal at the moment. You can click here to watch a quick teaser, but – if we're judging it on the actual definition of the word “teaser” – it's the new and undisputed champion of its kind. Expect more news in the coming weeks and a beta in the coming months. Even so, as mature, wizened adults, we must add that we want it nooooow .

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