Batman: Arkham Origins Impressions



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I been playing World of Warcraft for so long, I forgot my PC could do better graphics. heheh



Just bought the last 2 on steam. I had them on Xbox, but never have time around the constant showings of Toy story around my house to watch. Hopefully this one will be on steam sale by time I finish the others.



I've Played a few hours so far. I've been having fun with it, but I wish there was an option to turn off notifications about achievements and grading how well you did in every fight. It kind of takes me out of the experience. Also, this is supposed to be a prequel, yet all the tech is basically the same. The same gadgets, SD cards, etc... It's odd. Still, those are just minor complaints for a very enjoyable game so far.


I Jedi

I've played about an hour or so into the game so far, and the story is great, the controls and fighting go well, and there have been no major technical "hiccups" on my end. I definitely recommend getting this title, it's fun.