Barnes and Noble to Release Another Nook Color Tablet



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John Pombrio

Talk about the law of diminishing returns... and a tablet at that! Like there are so few of those around.

BTW, SONY closed their e-reader store. I wonder if they are giving up the e-reader business too?



I put CyanogenMod 10 on my sister's Nook Color and she has been pretty happy with it. Really wanted one for myself when they were first released. Not sure what they can do to differentiate at this point. But, bring it on B&N.



Barnes & Noble may not have given up on the Nook, but I dare say the rest of us have.

I got a Nook Tablet (in fact two) when they first came out. You could sideload apps, cumbersome but do-able. Then they 'upgraded' the OS and took away that option. Then when the Nook HD came out they flogged it because now you could use Google Play Store. Existing tablet owners were politely ignored. My one year old tablet was obsolete, not because of technology, but because of their business model.

Do they really think that I want I want to bend over and open my wallet for them again. I don't think so.

Nook, 2014's BetaMax.



My understanding is that B&N really p-ed off developers with both their initial Nook and second-gen NT with their locked bootloaders and arrogant responses, that those looking to enter the tablet market via B&N's platform had less-and-less options for anything outside of B&N's ecosystem. Their business model and related consumer targets alienated the large number of potential buyers who might otherwise continue to purchase their tablets. I know profits were minimal on the hardware, but it would still be better to have more brand recognition/loyalty and B&N tablets in more hands.



Welcome to the world of Electronics. Hope you never buy an Apple product.



It's not electronics per se. It's electronics that some marketing type has decided that you need to have the latest and greatest, whether or not your hardware is capable. If the Nook Tablet was not capable of using or sideloading non-B&N apps that would be different.

In this case they removed a functionality in a firmware revision only to re-implement the feature in the 'new & improved' model. Google Play store works just fine with CyanogenMod firmware in my vanilla Nook Tablet. My old and crappy model was just fine til B&N released a new firmware that neutered a feature. Because they looked at me strictly as a revenue source rather than a customer of one of their products.

Does it make me want to flock to the store every time a new version comes out. Hardly. I'll leave that for the fanboys who try to impress people with their shiny new toys.

As for Apple products that is one reason I steer clear of them. That and turtlenecks....