Barnes and Noble Inks Deal with Samsung to Co-Create Branded Nook Tablets



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Renegade Knight

My galaxay tab three is broken by design. I ran out of space and went to move some apps to the SD care and couldn't. Samsung designs it that way. It defeats the purpose of the SD card. Samsung lost me as a customer. I wouldn't get a Samsung based nook at this point.



I don't think this has anything to do with 'regular' tablets. Instead, I think this has more to do with Samsung's interest in expanding e-reader capabilities.

This is a completely different market segment than 'normal' tablets, and I think Samsung sees an opportunity in the existing product's limitations.

I think the next leap forward in 'e-readers' is going to be a full color screen. Despite the marvelous quality, and awesome readability of Kindle paperwhite, (and nook's e-ink display), the lack of color capability is actually pretty important. If Samsung/B&N can develop an e-ink screen that is color (and so one can read periodicals as they exist printed, and online), and still get an 8wk battery life (or even 4wk ;) ) w/ a backlight in a super lightweight e-reader, that would blow Amazon out of the water - especially if it is also capable of lightweight browsing / importing docs/PDFs (something Kindle already does). No doubt B&N is incapable of doing this themselves - but w/ Samsung? a definite possibility.



Great news. More competition today, more competition forever!



If the price of the new Nook tablet way cheaper, then I can't wait to root it and put a custom rom on it. It would be great alternative to the Galaxy Tab 4. I doubt it though, these things cannot get lower than ~$200.



This is good. The Nook was all but dead.