Barnes & Noble's Nook Delayed Again, Online Orders Slip Later into 2010

Paul Lilly

We're getting just as tired of reporting on Barnes & Noble's continued delays of its Nook e-book reader are you are of reading about them, so imagine how those who prepaid for the digital reader must feel. Unfortunately, the backorder blues continue, and now B&N is saying that Nooks ordered after November 20th won't ship out until January 11th.

That's a week later than the January 4th date B&N was quoting yesterday afternoon, even as the company hijacks its own shipments to high-volume stores in order to fulfill preorders that a company spokesperson admitted exceeded expectations. Some B&N stores won't have any in-store Nooks until mid-December, if at all.

For those who were quick-triggered (and lucky) enough to place their preorders before November 20th, B&N says those will still ship in time for Christmas. For everyone else, let the waiting game being, although the company is offering to send out a Nook holiday certificate free of charge, so you'll still have something to put under the Christmas tree.

Image Credit: Barnes & Noble via Wired

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