Barnes & Noble Slashes Nook HD and HD+ Prices for Mother's Day

Paul Lilly

Yet another reason to consider the Nook HD/HD+.

With so many low-cost tablets entering the fray, Barnes & Noble wants to make sure it's Nook HD and Nook HD+ don't get overlooked. To help put them both in the spotlight, B&N last week issued a firmware update that added Google Play access to the tablets, making it much more difficult to pigeonhole them as glorified eBook readers. And if that wasn't enough incentive, B&N just dropped the price by about 30 percent for Mother's Day.

"In recognition that the best gift for Mother’s Day is now even better, we’re proud to offer this special limited-time offer for our award-winning 7- and 9-inch tablets," said Jamie Iannone , president of Nook Media. "Nook HD and Nook HD+ are not only beautifully designed, lightweight devices with stunning displays, they now offer customers the most reading and entertainment content we’ve ever offered, at the best prices ever."

Here's a look at the new pricing:

  • Nook HD 8GB: $149 (down from $199)
  • Nook HD 16GB: $179 (down from $229)
  • Nook HD+ 16GB: $179 (down from $269)
  • Nook HD+ 32GB: $209 (down from $299)

That's not a typo -- the 16GB Nook HD and HD+ are priced the same at $179, with the latter arguably the best value of the bunch. They're all priced competitively with the competition, though not to be outdone, Amazon is offering $20 off its Kindle FireHD line with coupon code FIRE4MOM :

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB: $199 - $20 = $179
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 32GB: $229 - $20 = $209

The coupon doesn't work on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch models, however, so B&N still has an edge overall.

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