Barnes & Noble Reportedly Prepping 8GB Nook Tablet with Lower Price Tag

Paul Lilly

Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet costs $249 while Amazon's Kindle Fire sells for $199. There are other differences between these two competing 7-inch tablets, of course, but for many consumers, the only one that matters is the $50 price discrepancy. In the eyes of the average shopper, both of these slates are capable of doing the same thing, so why pay 25 percent more for the Nook Tablet? Tech savvy users can answer that question by running their fingers down the spec sheets, but at the end of the day, Amazon's Kindle Fire, now the second most popular tablet in the world behind the mighty iPad, is the one people are buying. If the Nook Tablet was also priced at $199, would that still be the case?

It appears Barnes & Noble aims to find out. The Verge claims to have come across documentation that reveals a new Nook Tablet SKU with 8GB of onboard storage, the same as the Kindle Fire and half the amount of the current Nook Tablet. It's set to launch on Wednesday (February 22, 2012) at Walmart for an undisclosed price, but considering it has less memory and will be sold at Wally World, you can bet it will carry a lower price tag.

Here's how things stack up now. Both the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are 7-inch slates featuring IPS panels with 1024x600 resolutions (169 pixels per inch). They both sport TI OMAP 4 dual-core 1GHz processors, and both run Android. That's where the similarities end. The Nook Tablet has more onboard storage (16GB plus a microSD card slot versus 8GB and no expandable storage) and twice the amount of memory (1GB versus 512MB). It also has hardware controls and a microphone, both of which the Kindle Fire lacks, and a more traditional Android interface, which can viewed as a plus or minus.

Keeping in mind that the Nook Tablet only reserves 1GB of storage space for user for non-Barnes & Noble content (like your own video and music files), would a lower priced version with 8GB of onboard storage tempt you to choose it over the Kindle Fire?

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