Barnes & Noble Nook Color Kickstart Nook Newsstand Periodical Sales

Paul Lilly

Barnes & Noble on Monday credited its recently launched Nook Color for driving "robust Nook Newstand sales" to the tune of more than 650,000 digital periodical subscriptions and single copy sales in just two months.

"We are excited to offer a wide array of top periodicals and have seen explosive growth in Nook Newsstand sales since the launch of Nook Color. Our customers clearly enjoy reading digital versions of their favorite magazines in rich, beautiful color, along with their daily newspapers, with the convenience of subscription or single issue purchases," said Jonathan Shar , Vice President and General Manager of digital newsstand at Barnes & Noble. "We've had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our content partners as well and will continue to build upon our vast collection of periodicals and incorporate even more interactivity for Nook Color customers this year."

Barnes & Noble added a dozen new digital periodicals to its growing catalog last month, which now features over 120 full-color magazines and newspaper brands, the company said.

Image Credit: Barnes & Noble

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