Barnes & Noble Cuts Tablet Prices, Nook Color Now Starts At $139

Maximum PC Staff

The tablet market is a pretty cut throat place to be these days. On the high end Apple simply dominates with the iPad, on the middle ground Google’s new Nexus line carefully appeals to those with a strong sense of price vs. performance, and Amazon fills out the low end. This isn’t to say Amazon’s tablet offerings aren’t well spec’d, but simply put, they aren’t worth the investment if you aren’t willing to commit to Amazon’s content ecosystem. Barnes & Noble has found itself awkwardly positioned against the competition these days, and are likely hoping a price cut on its older tablet lineup will help set them apart.

Starting today the Nook hardware platform officially starts at $139, undercutting Amazon’s least expensive tablet by $20. The $139 8GB Nook Color is a bit long in the tooth if you focus on just the internals, but if you have any interest in the B&N digital offerings, it still a great option to consume books or SD video. $159 steps you up to the slightly more capable Nook Tablet , and $179 will net you a 16GB version.

Can Barnes and Noble keep up selling hardware with razor thin margins against Amazon with the hopes of making it up in content sales? Only time will tell. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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