Banish Google+ Notifications To The Aether With BlockPlus

Brad Chacos

The media ( hey, that's us! ) has branded Google+ as Google's Facebook clone, but the new service holds an insidious trump card: it's always in your face. Whether you're editing a report in Google Docs or simply looking for a low-carb latke recipe, your Google+ status notifier is splashed across the top of the screen on all of Google's websites, silently inviting you to set your work aside and join the social fun. Developer Nik Cubrilovic ran into the same productivity problem and rather than whining about it, he got proactive and created the BlockPlus extension.

"BlockPlus will remove any links to Google+ in the global nav, including the profile link, circles, etc," Nik says on his blog . "It will also remove the notifier. It blocks the requests, and also hides those elements from view - so you are not only hiding it but saving on 6-7 HTTP requests that normally take place each time you hit the global nav."

The extension sounds perfect for those of us who want to restore a little order to our suddenly Google+ filled lives. Unfortunately, BlockPlus is only available for the Chrome browser, though Nik hints that he may port the plug-in to other browsers by adding a "for the moment" disclaimer when he mentions its Chrome-only nature.

Image Credit: Nik Cubrilovic's Blog

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