Ballmer: Vista was "Not Executed Well"

Ryan Whitwam

It's no secret that Vista was not the best version of Windows when it was released. It was roundly criticized for poor performance, and hardware incompatibilities. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is usually Redmond's number one cheerleader. But today he's letting the cat out of the bag saying Vista was, "not executed well." Okay, it's something at least.

This statement was part of a half-hour long speech in which Ballmer discussed how he runs Microsoft. He stressed finding the best employees, and investing time in the right areas. The comments about Vista were part of an answer about how Microsoft innovates. He says that thousands of man-years were wasted because they were trying to do too much they were developing Vista.

Since Ballmer took over the reins of Microsoft, however, there have been a number of major releases. From Windows 7, to Bing, to Office 2010. Sure, Ballmer may always be remembered for running around a stage chanting and sweating, but you can't argue with his results.

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