Ballmer Promises Windows 7 Slates For the Holidays

Ryan Whitwam

At an event in London today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in no uncertain terms, the Windows Slates are coming this year . Ballmer said the devices would be available in time for the holidays. No specific devices were mentioned, and no one can say for sure if the HP Slate will ever actually materialize running Windows. A spokesperson later pointed to devices like the Hanvon Slate and Dell DUO (which is actually a convertible tablet).

It was just back in January that Ballmer stood on stage showing off Windows 7 tablets from Pegatron, HP, and Archos. Here we are all these months later and the iPad has had free run of the market. Even Android has been slow in bringing a competitor. Microsoft has a potentially exciting product in the upcoming Windows Phone 7, but they have made it clear that Windows 7 will be used for tablets.

Have you spent time with a touchscreen Windows 7 device lately? Was it good enough to ditch the keyboard?

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