Ballmer Offers Glimpse of Next Windows Live Messenger

Paul Lilly

While giving a speech on cloud computing at the University of Sau Paulo in Brazil on Wednesday, Steve Ballmer used the opportunity show off Microsoft's newest version of Windows Live Messenger.

"The new Messenger will provide a great way to have more meaningful conversations with the people you care about most while bringing together your social networks and sharing updates, cutting through the clutter, and staying up to date with your favorite friends,' Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft is making an effort to modernize its instant messaging program, and when it ships, it will come with a handful of new features, such as tabbed conversations, HD quality video chats, the ability to share websites and search results, and will be able to pull in updates from other social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

Part of the focus on social networking will include being able to send Facebook messages to other users from within the IM client, the ability to update your status, and prioritize favorite Facebook friends to be sure you see their updates before everyone else's.

Microsoft plans to release a beta version in the coming months, with a final version slated for later this year.

Image Credit: Microsoft via CNet

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