Bail Appeal for Wikileaks Founder Set for Tomorrow


Julian Assange will have to spend at least another 24 hours behind bars as he awaits an appeal against the decision to grant him bail, Yahoo News reports .

The Wikileaks founder voluntarily turned himself in to Swedish authorities last week over a sex-crimes warrant that Assange says is nothing more than a smear campaign. He spent a week in jail before a judge ordered him released on $316,000 bail, a notion that was challenged by Swedish prosecutors.

"Somebody has it in for Julian Assange and we can only conjecture why," Mark Stephens, an attorney for Assange, said today.

Despite conspiracy theories that a larger force is at play here, Swedish prosecutors maintain that "this is not a case about WikiLeaks, rather a case about alleged serious offenses against two women."

WikiLeaks has come under intense scrutiny recently following the publication of thousands of classified U.S. documents and sensitive diplomatic cables sent between U.S. embassies.

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