Back From the Dead: AMD Resurrects ATI's All-In-Wonder Series


With home theater PCs becoming increasing commonplace and the line between computers and fully fledged media centers continuing to blur, we can't think of a better time for AMD to bring back ATI's once popular All-In-Wonder series. Apparently AMD has seen the writing on the wall too, and today announced the AIW's return , now with HD.

If you can't remember anything about the All-In-Wonder series and why it was so popular, don't feel bad - it's been two years since we last saw a videocard sporting the AIW moniker. That will soon change, as both Diamond Multimedia and VisionTek have jumped on board to offer AIW videocards by late July . All-In-Wonder HD videocards will come equipped with ATI's Theater 650 Pro hardware MPEG-2 encoding technology, which will allow for recording of both HDTV and analog programming, while also maintaining ATI's unified video decoder (UVD) technology to offset cycling chores from the processor to the GPU. On the software front, AIW cards will come with ATI's Catalyst Media Center. Dolby 5.1 Digital surround sound via HDMI and a dual-link DVI port round out the accouterment of goodies. First run AIW cards are rumored to center around the HD 3650 GPU, but if past products are any indication, expect to see higher end videocards also touting the AIW label before long.

Image Credit: ATI

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