Awesome Steampunk Flash Drive Uses Mechanical Locks For Security

Brad Chacos

Thumb drives are cool and all, but hey, let's face it – most of the memory sticks out there aren't exactly eye-pleasing. If you're the kind of person who likes a little flash with your USB drive, look no further – there's a steampunk-inspired thumb drive making the rounds on the Internet that's sure to catch the eye of every geek you know. If the polished brass(?) exterior doesn't do it for you, maybe its security will; the Steampunker flash drive includes an actual, working mechanical combination lock to keep prying eyes out of your virtual diary.

The flash drive itself is nestled inside a tube made of some sort of silvery polished metal. We say "some kind of silvery, polished metal" because the guy who made the steampunk flash drive only speaks Russian, and Google Translate didn't list any material details. The silvery tube was then placed inside of a combination lock sleeve – which looks to be made of brass – that keeps your files hidden away unless the correct five number combination is entered. The designer, a guy who goes by Tarator, drew up the whole shebang in AutoCAD before building the custom drive.

Want one of your own? Too bad. Tarator isn't selling any steampunk flash drives – this seems more like a one-shot novelty hobby project than any sort of commercial product. That's too bad. The steampunk flash drive would've been a great accessory for that steampunk laptop we talked about a little while ago . Thanks to SlashGear for pointing it out .

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