Awesome Motherboard Art is Full of Win

Paul Lilly

There are lots of way you can recycle your old PC parts. Turning your obsolete processor into a keychain is a classic example and one that's easy to do. If you're a bit more skilled and have enough hardware laying around, you can build an entire city model using motherboards . Arizona artist Joe Dragt came up with a different way to breathe new life into old hardware, and his creations are full of win.

Dragt is a self-proclaimed seasoned professional graphic and Web designer, and a technology geek at heart. Combining his passion for technology with his skill for oil painting, he started using computer components as canvases for his artwork.

"Seeing the stack of old computers, the idea just struck me... the motherboards can make for a really neat canvas," Dragt explains. "The complexity and patterns of all the circuits could make for stunning backgrounds. I asked if I could take one computer home for a trial run, and it just blossomed from there."

Dragt says he recycles 100 percent of the old computers he picks up, taking out every screw and separating pieces into categories such as circuit boards, scrap metal, plastic, and anything else that catches his eye.

You can view his growing collection of painted circuit boards at his site, Tomorrow and Beyond , where he also sells originals, 8x10 gloss prints, and 11x14 gloss prints.

Image Credit: Joe Dragt

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