Awesome Catzilla Benchmark Claws Its Way to Version 1.0, Now Available

Paul Lilly

The most entertaining benchmark there is, period

Just stop what you're doing (that TPS report can wait) and go download Catzilla v1.0. What is Catzilla, you ask? Catzilla is only one of the coolest benchmarks you can run, provided you're a fan of cats. And Godzilla. And goofy destruction. An appreciation of techno music doesn't hurt either (don't worry, it's not overbearing, and it fits the theme of the benchmark). While it's entertaining, it's actually useful, too.

Catzilla is a DirectX 11 benchmark produced by ALLBenchmark, and while it's entertaining, it's also useful. You can gauge your system's performance and re-run the test to see if your overclocking efforts are paying off or if those new drivers you downloaded are working their mojo. The benchmark only takes a couple of minutes to run, and there are versions available for different types of PCs. They include:

  • 576p - for testing netbooks and Ultrabooks, requires 256MB of GPU memory
  • 720p - for testing low end desktops, requires 512MB of GPU memory
  • 1080 - for current desktop systems, requires 1GB of GPU memory
  • 1440p - for high-end systems, requires more than 1GB of GPU memory

You can also run a custom test with your options and features, receive recommendations, or test your computer in relation to a game. For example, if you're wondering whether or not your PC can handle Crysis 3, just use the benchmark's built-in Check Game feature to find out.

Gve it a spin and let us know what you think.


Be advised that the free version is limited to the 720p test. There are several paid versions available that unlocked additional features, which you can read about on Catzilla's order page .

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