Avira Antivirus Sends Linux a Breakup Letter, Will Stay Friends Until June 30, 2016

Paul Lilly

Free antivirus software closes the door on open-source support

We somehow missed this one when it was first announced, but Avira , makers of the popular free antivirus software named after itself, is discontinuing AV solutions for Linux systems on June 30, 2016. Products to be discontinued include Avira AntiVir Professional Linux, Avira Server Security Linux, and Avira Free Antivirus Linux. Avira Endpoint Security and Avira Business Security Suite will both still be offered indefinitely, though without Linux support.

The reason? According to Avira, it's a numbers game, and the number of Linux users compared to Windows and Mac doesn't justify allocating resources to continued support.

"With its powerful Antivirus solutions, Avira is especially able to meet the needs of the consumer and micro/small business markets. Today, these fields almost exclusively rely upon Windows or Mac operating systems. By comparison, Linux installations have been declining steadily for years," Avira stated in a blog post .

It's not all bad news for Linux fans. Though sales and further development will vanish in a few years, Avira said it will continue to deliver detection updates for existing solutions.

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