AVG Warns Popular Websites Still Suffering an OpenSSL Security Issue



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Bullwinkle J Moose

I am truly surprised that you have not yet covered MALWAREBYTES ANTI EXPLOIT
free version


I know it's unrelated to heartbleed but the main threat out there is still redirectors that send you to illicit porn sites and link to ransomware that encrypts your data or steals your personal info

Yahoo is still the only mainstream offender/enabler for illicit sites and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit successfully blocks redirectors from Yahoo searches

I can find news articles that Yahoo is joining Google and Microsoft's efforts to block searches to child porography sites, yet they are still sending users to such sites through redirectors

A Google or Microsoft search for preteen models returns a warning, yet YAHOO sends you directly to redirectors to hardcore child rape sites, malicious extortion/encryption sites and many other malicious sites

Your antivirus WILL NOT prevent the redirectors from sending you to these sites but Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit actually seems to block these types of redirectors

If YAHOO will not block the criminal sites, I have to ask WHY????

What the hell is going on at Yahoo ?

What they say and what they do are two entirely different things

Until Yahoo gets their shit together, the best defense is Malwarebytes anti-exploit

Is this not news?

Even if the sites Yahoo links to are Government Honeypots, I still find it extremely problematic and offensive to redirect the unwitting public to such sites without any protection whatsoever

What the hell is going on?


The Mac

the bigger question is who the hell uses yahoo?

i have never, i repeat, never, been redirected to an illegal site with google.