AVG: Russia, Turkey Top List of Riskiest Countries to Surf The Web


What if governments around the world begin issuing travel advisories based on AVG's list of “ the safest and most dangerous places in the world to use the internet ?” The tourism industries of Turkey and Russia would be the worst affected, for they occupy the top two spots on the list of the most dangerous countries to browse the web.

Turkey gets to wear the prickly crown of being the most dangerous country to surf the web. According to AVG, the incidence rate of virus attacks in the Eurasian country is 1 in 10, which is way above the global average of 1 in 73. Russia comes in a close second with one web attack for for every 15 users.

Security researchers behind the study attribute the high probability of web attacks in these countries to a combination of factors, including the popularity of illegal download sites, poor online file sharing habits and heavy reliance on Internet cafes.

Seven out of the ten safest countries from an Internet security perspective are from Africa, with Sierra Leone (1 in 696) being the safest. Japan (1 in 400) is ranked fourth on the list. AVG's findings are based on “data from over 127 million computers in 144 countries.”

Image Credit: AVG

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