AVG: Macs Susceptible to Viruses, Too

Paul Lilly

Two weeks ago AVG announced its LinkScanner software for the Mac platform designed to keep "Mac users safe from increasing intensity and sophistication of Web attacks." Perhaps the Mac faithful didn't take too kindly to the release, as AVG felt compelled to follow-up the announcement with some sobering statistics for Mac users.

"It’s a well known fact that most computer users believe that owning a Mac means that you are somewhat immune to the malicious threats that lurk within cyberspace," AVG starts out. "In fact, this belief has become so strong that many Mac owners do not have, or feel the need to have, antivirus software installed on their machines.

"However, the times they are a changin’ and 2009 proved a very busy year for security threats to Apple devices including the Mac OSX and iPhone. During last year Mac computers came under attack from the iServices A Trojan, which saw more than 20,000 people download an infected file from a pirate software website."

AVG goes on to say that the iServices B Trojan crippled an additional 5,000 machines, and pointed out that other outbreaks, like the Tored-A and Jahlav-C viruses, also cause their share of headaches in the Apple community.

"Flaws were also discovered in the Safari Web browser, iTunes, and PDF program," AVG continues. "Worse still is the fact that last month reports were issued around an unpatched vulnerability in the Safari 4.0 Web browser! So, it would appear that Macs are no longer as shielded as they once were."

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