AVG, Avira Among Websites Defaced by Palestinian Hackers

Paul Lilly

Why are hackers hating on free AVG?

If you're in the business of offering free antivirus protection, beware of hackers mucking up your website. The Palestinian hacker group known as KDSM Team recently targeted several well known companies, including AVG and Avira, makers of popular free (and paid) security solutions, and defaced their homepages (sort of). Whatsapp, a cross-platform messaging app for mobile devices, was also tagged.

Avira provided a statement to SoftPedia confirming that the several of its websites as well as other companies have been compromised by the hacking group, but said it occurred at the DNS level.

"The websites of Avira have not been hacked, the attack happened at our Internet Service Provider ‘Network Solutions’,” Avira Security Expert and Product Manager Sorin Mustaca told SoftPedia .

The group changed DNS records of the affected websites so that they would point to arbitrary domains. Network Solutions is aware of the screwup and is in the process of sorting things out.

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