AVG 9.0 Now Available, Claims 50% Faster Speed


AVG Technologies today announced the newest version of "the world's most popular free anti-virus software," AVG 9. For several years, AVG freebie security software had been a favorite in the enthusiast community (and among several Maximum PC staffers), but many -- us included -- felt that version 8 was a step in the wrong direction. In our antivirus roundup from a year ago, we noted that AVG Internet Security 8.0 (the full fledged paid security suite) consumed more RAM and dragged down system performance more than any other AV program we tested.

Performance shouldn't be a problem with AVG 9.0, at least according to AVG's claims. The AV maker says version 9.0 runs 50 percent faster than the previous version, while also improving performance and ease of use.

"AVG 9.0 will provide home computer users with a more powerful and more streamlined solution that adds protection without impacting user experience, taking us back to our core strength of low impact, high performance security," said J.R. Smith , CEO, AVG Technologies. "We've always believed that everyone has the right to a safe online experience. With AVG j9.0, we are providing first-class assistance to our users in their development of tools and measures for their safety from all of the threats posed by cybercriminals and identity thieves, whether they'r working, playing, banking, or shopping on the Web."

AVG cited scan optimization as a top priority for its latest release. Taking a page from Norton Internet Security 2009/2010 and a handful of other AV programs, AVG skips safe files in subsequent scans to improve performance unless the file structure changes. This is what accounts for the up to 50 percent faster speed, as well as improvements of up to 10 to 15 percent for boot times and memory usage, AVG says.

AVG 9.0 paid versions are available now . The freebie version will be made available within the next two weeks.

Image Credit: AVG

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