Average Screen Resolution Hits New, Widescreen High

Brad Chacos

Things are looking up for PC users! And by that, we mean bigger and sharper. A couple of months back, we told you that the average monitor size had increased 3 inches in just 4 years and that multi-display setups were becoming more popular . Now comes word that resolutions are starting to catch up: today, StatCounter reported more people rock 1366x768 than any other resolution, the first time that a widescreen format has taken the top of the charts.

To be fair, StatCounter only started keeping tracking of screen resolutions back in March of 2009. Up until now, the numbers were dominated by a boxy old standby: 1024x768, which held a whopping 41.8 percent of the market in that initial March 2009 report. The giant has fallen to just 18.6 percent today, however; meanwhile, 1366x768 has skyrocketed from a 0.68 percent share to a 19.28 percent share in the same timeframe. 1280x800 sits in third place with 13 percent.

"The data reflects a continuing trend of users moving to larger screen resolution sizes," StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen said on the company's blog . Given that 1366x768 is a very common laptop resolution, I wonder if it also reflects a growth in notebook usage?

Musing aside, it'd be great if display manufacturers started focusing more on quality (i.e., pixel density) rather than size. After staring at my HTC ReZound for a while -- which crams 720x1280 into a 4.3 screen for a PPI of 342 -- it almost hurts going back to 1366x768 on a 15-plus inch laptop or desktop display. Get on the ball, people!

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