Avatar Breaks Record for First-Day Blu-Ray Sales


Talk about a cash cow. Not only did James Cameron's Avatar sink Titanic as the highest-grossing movie worldwide, but it has gone on to set the record for first-day Blu-ray sales too. And that's just for the 2D version.

Some 1.5 million copies of Avatar flew off of Blu-ray stocked shelves, comfortably outpacing first-day sales of The Dark Knight, which previously held the top spot. Early estimates have overall disc sales somewhere above 4 million units, putting Avatar on pace to become the year's best selling movie, eventually surpassing The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Viewers will have to wait until early 2011 before 20th Century Fox releases a 3D version for home consumption. The movie studio is hoping that more homes will be equipped with 3D Blu-ray players and television sets by then. However, Fox will milk consumers for more cash later this year by also releasing a special edition version in November with more bonus features.

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