Avast Launches GrimeFighter PC Cleanup Utility

Paul Lilly

Give your PC a deep cleaning

Security outfit Avast Software has spent the past two years developing GrimeFighter , a deep cleaning utility for PCs that's now available. According to Avast, what sets GrimeFigther apart from other PC cleaning software is that it follows through with its promise to increase PC performance when it's finished scrubbing your system. It's also unique in that it doesn't ask users what components should be analyzed.

"Most PC-cleanup utilities don’t really improve performance – some actually slow down PCs," said Avast Chief Executive Officer Vince Steckler. "Since they run in Windows, they are unlikely to find problems with files and registry entries that are locked, protected, or otherwise hidden. Ironically those are the ones most often robbing users of performance and stability. With Avast GrimeFighter, we didn’t want to introduce another me-too product – we wanted to eliminate the problem of slow PCs."

GrimeFighter works its magic by booting into Linux, which allows it to detect and remove files that can't be detected while Windows is running. There's also a bit of cloud play at work. Results of various scans are uploaded to the cloud, allowing Avast to build an intelligence database that, in theory, should result in better results over time. In addition, Avast says GrimeFighter can detect hardware components that are in danger of failing.

You can download GrimeFighter and scan your PC for free. To actually use the program, you need a license, which runs $25 $40 per year.

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