AVADirect Tries Hand at Building Silent PCs

Paul Lilly

It's funny how as you get older your priorities begin to change. You may not have cared if your PC sounded like a jet engine as a teenager, and may have even reveled in the roar of the fans and shaking metal parts. And now? We appreciate a well constructed silent PC like a cranky librarian appreciates being able to hear a pin drop across the room, though for different reasons. What turns us on about a silent PC is the work involved to get there. It's no easy task, and boutique system builder AVADirect thinks it has the chops to do it right.

AVADirect just added three ' Silent Customer Computer ' configurations to its website, each with specific brands of cases designed to keep noise levels down. The default option is Fractal Design's Define R3 Black Pearl Silent Mid-Tower (also available in Arctic White), though you can also choose a Lian Li PC-S80A, NZXT H2, and Scyth Gekkou (black or silver).

AVADirect says it also narrowed down its list of power supplies to a "limited selection to provide models with less fan noise," though there are boatload of PSUs to choose from ranging in size from 355W all the way up to 1200W.

"One of the most vital aspects of AVADirect's Silent Custom Computer configurations are the noie reduction accessories," AVADirect explains. "The silent configurations offer anything from Lamptron's noise reduction kit (featuring a myriad of rubber screws, anti-vibration hard drive accessories, and silent fan cables) to shake proof fan washers. For those who require high speed hard drives, you will have the option of using hard drive silencing enclosures to reduce the noise generously."

AVADirect, which apparently hates whole numbers, offers its silent PC in three platforms, including Intel's X58 starting at $903.30, Intel's Z68 starting at $701.32, and AMD's Phenom II starting at $605.63.

Image Credit: AVADirect

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