AVADirect Slashing $50 Off "Quickship" Notebooks for a Limited Time

Paul Lilly

Certain custom-built Clevo notebooks are eligible for a limited time discount at AVADirect.

For a limited time, boutique system builder AVADirect is shaving $50 off the price of certain "Quickship" model notebooks. The discount applies to custom-built Clevo-based models, of which there are several (nine, to be exact), and is good on configurations that are over $1,350. Quickship notebooks are configurable, though AVADirect removes the option of choosing specific brands of hardware in exchange for faster ship times (Quickship models ship within 5 business days).

"AVADirect Quick Ship Notebooks are designed to simplify configuration options, reduce cost of ownership and minimize order processing time," AVADirect explains. "Choose your notebook from extensive model selection and let us meet even the toughest deadline for an unbeatable price. You will not have the ability to choose specific brands of hardware, but will still have plenty of choices to choose from, and will receive your mobile rig much faster at lower price."

The $50 discount applies to the following Clevo-based models :

  • W350ETQ
  • P370EM
  • W370ET
  • W150ERQ
  • W170ER
  • W110ER
  • P151EM
  • P170EM
  • P570WM

Pricing starts at $819, but again, the configuration must be $1,350 or higher to qualify for the discount. It's not earth shattering by any means, but hey, if you had one of these systems on your radar to begin with, you could apply the pocketed cash towards a video game (hint: Far Cry 3).

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