AVADirect Lets You Go Nuts with DRAM, Adds 32GB Option to Several Gaming Notebooks

Paul Lilly

Don't like dinking around with just 4GB of system memory, or even 8GB? How about 16GB? If that's still not enough for what you intend to use your notebook for, fear not, boutique system builder AVADirect announced tested compatibility for 32GB RAM kits now featured in over a dozen laptops from Clevo, MSI, and Asus. It's not the most RAM AVADirect has ever offered in a portable form factor, but it still gives you bragging rights, and at a fraction of the cost as systems configurable with 48GB.

A full list of notebooks now carrying 32GB of system memory can be found here . Each one is rocking Intel's Sandy Bridge platform and are geared towards gaming, though if you're going with a 32GB DDR3 upgrade option, you're really investing in bragging rights and the ability to handle large-scale content creation chores, like heavy photo editing, video encoding, and so forth.

Pricing varies by model and depends on how much system RAM comes pre-configured by default. We poked around and found that upgrading from 4GB to 32GB typically runs around $400 for Patriot (or around $635 for Crucial). In other words, you can load up on mobile RAM without destroying your bank account, if you really want to. And, we're told, these are available to ship now.

Image Credit: AVADirect

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