AVADirect Gets Drunk with DRAM, Adds 48GB DDR3 Option to Select Gaming Systems

Paul Lilly

The gluttonous system building gurus over at AVADirect just added a 48GB DDR3 RAM option to a handful of non-ECC setups, including two gaming machines, a recently launched silent PC, and a workstation system. Who in their right mind could possibly justify such a superfluous amount of system memory? The answer is not many, though it's nice to have the option, isn't it?

AVADirect's list of potential customers is a little bit longer and includes "enthusiasts, gamers, engineers, scientists, artists, extremists, those who care for bragging rights, and the list could go on for a few more lines," the boutique builder claims . "The point is we allow you to choose that amount of RAM in select configurations, should your heart just happen to desire it."

Fair enough, and there are some extreme cases where 48GB of RAM could prove useful, though we're talking about specialized tasks like high end content creation, professional level CAD design, and the sort. And as AVADirect points out, "RAM prices are the cheapest they have ever been in years." Point taken, though don't read that to mean 48GB of RAM is cheap. We loaded up AVADirect's Gaming PC Core i7 X58 rig that ships with a 6GB kit of Mushkin DDR3-1333 memory and the 48GB DDR3-1333 upgrade from Crucial added $1,856 to the original $1,488 price tag.

Image Credit: Crucial

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