AVADirect Dances with Debian as an Authorized Integrator

Paul Lilly

If you've been primarily a Windows user all your life, you probably don't have much experience with Linux. Perhaps you've dabbled with Ubuntu, either out of sheer curiosity or because you were pissed off with Vista pre-SP1. But there are other, more advanced Linux distros out there, Debian being one of them. Debian is now available as a configuration option on nearly every machine in AVADirect's stable.

While Debian itself is a free distro, AVADirect charges a modest fee ($11.40) to pre-load the OS onto new systems, the same as it does for Ubuntu and Kubuntu. For those shopping a low-cost prebuilt system for basic tasks, the upshot is you don't have to factor a costly OS into the mix, nor do you have to settle for Ubuntu if you're ready to dive a little deeper into Linux.

"Though the interface is not as simple as most visual interfaces, advanced users find Debian extremely helpful in the instance it can take advantage of hardware more than most operating systems, it's free, and uses a minimal amount of system resource to run," AVADirect explains . "Debian comes with over 29,000 packages that are precompiled, and are simple to implement into a Debian install."

Take note that while AVADirect will service Debian-based machines, the system builder does not provide support "since the operating system is open source."

AVADirect also offers Centos ($11.40), Fedora ($25), and Red Hat ($58.01) Linux distros.

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