Auto-Tune the News Cracks Billboard Top 100

Ryan Whitwam

It's a big day for the Internet, an Internet meme has successfully invaded the real world. The Auto-Tune the News folks saw their tweaked version of the Lincoln Park Bed Intruder song reach number 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 today. This feat was made possible thanks to a 2005 decision by Billboard to include digital downloads in their rankings. Bed Intruder is currently  number 35 in iTunes.

Just let that sink in, the Gregory Brothers (the group behind Auto-Tune the News) saw something in the cadence and vocabulary in this news report, and made a hit song out of it. The song is currently only available as a digital download. The Gregory Brothers recently told Wired that they are also working on a pilot with Comedy Central based on Internet culture.

If you haven't heard the song, just check it out . You won't be sorry.

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