Australian Government Proposes a $43 Billion Fiber Network

Maximum PC Staff

Australians have traditionally had to deal with pretty oppressive prices and bandwidth caps, but the government is looking to break up the monopoly , and bring true broadband to the masses. The $43 billion national project includes the $11 billion it will cost to buy out Telstra, the current landline and copper network operator, as well as the additional funds needed to roll out a fiber network.

The deal is still subject to regulatory approval, but pending this our friends over in Australia can expect to see speeds of up to 100Mbps to the home, and perhaps ditch some of the stingy bandwidth caps that government sees as holding back innovation. It's normal to feel cheated when Comcast teases you with a 250GB cap , but imagine if you had to contend with 10-20GB caps for the same price your paying today.

If the deal goes through Telstra won't be competing for wired customers anymore, but rumor has it they have been promised an opportunity to bid on some pretty valuable wireless spectrum as a trade off. It looks like the government might actually be keeping its word for a change, consider us impressed.

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