Australia is Home to Nearly 5 Million Digital Pirates

Paul Lilly

A new study reveals that the land down under is overflowing with illicit downloaders. Some 5 million Aussie scallywags pillaged television shows, music, and other online content that supposedly cost the related industries a combined $900 million. That number will rise into the billions in just a few short years.

The study was conducted by Sphere Analysis and commissioned by the Australian Content Industry Group, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. According to Sphere Analysis, 4.7 million Australians accessed online content illegally in 2010, but that's only the tip of the pirate ship. By 2016, that number will jump to 6.5 million people, "taking into account the potential impact of the National Broadband Network."

While piracy is estimated to have cost the music, flim, television, software, and videogames industries $900 million last year, that number will also rise in the coming years, ballooning to $5.2 billion by 2016. The loss between now and then is estimated to be to $18 billion.

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