AUO Preps World's Largest Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD Display

Paul Lilly

AUO, a leading TFT-LCD panel maker following the mergers of Acer Display Technology and Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation in 2001, and with Quanta Display Inc. in 2006, is gearing up for the Display Taiwan 2010 convention with some nifty screen technologies, not the least of which is the largest projected capacitive multi-touch LCD anywhere in the Milky Way.

Measuring 32 inches, AUO says its relatively ginormous multi-touch panel will come capable of recognizing ten touch points simultaneously. AUO also claims that so-called "ghost points" -- areas that are falsely registered during the detection process -- won't be an issue.

Keeping with the world's largest theme, AUO will also be showing off the largest commercialized 3D TV panel measuring 65 inches. Viewing 3D content on the 65-inch display will require wearing polarized 3D glasses, though AUO also plans to showcase other 3D display technologies in smaller form factors, including glasses-free barrier and lenticular lens types.

Ge the full rundown here .

Image Credit: DigiTimes

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