Audioengine Announces N22 Desktop Audio Amplifier

Paul Lilly

A Colorado company called Audioengine recently introduced its N22 Premium Desktop Audio Amplifier, which is exactly what the name implies.

The compact device lets you hook up your iPod, computer, headphones, or external speakers "for a great sounding personal stereo system." It offers 22 watts per channel and runs cool enough that it doesn't require a fan or a bulky heatsink.

"The Audioengine N22 Premium Desktop Audio Amplifier sets a new level of audio performance and aesthetic quality that further closes the gap between computer and home audio," Auidoengine claims. "Even if you're not an audio enthusiast we guarantee you will still hear a difference!"

In addition to a pair of inputs for the above mentioned devices, the N22 features a USB charger/power port, variable preamp output, detachable power cord, gold-plated speaker connectors, power-saving idle mode, and a hand-finished MDF wood cabinet with integrated stand.

The N22 is available now for $200, or $250 with companion P4 Passive Speakers.

Image Credit: Audioengine

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