Audacity Crash Course



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I used Audacity to splice and edit the first few seconds of the background music of an old Cricket Wireless commercial and a few seconds of the original song used in that commercial for a ringtone on my cell. Thanks, Audacity!



As an occasional voice talent, I have used Audacity for years to record, sweeten and send work to clients. Free, powerful, easy to use and it just WORKS every time. Way back when PaintShop Pro was free, using that and audacity helped keep me in top ramen and rent till I could scramble up on to higher ground. My hat goes off and my heart goes out to all the talented, generous people who produce top notch free stuff like this and give it to the world.



I don't always edit audio but when I do, I always use Audacity. (end most interesting man in the world voice over).



I've used Audacity to loop music for games and extend music in general. You can use it to edit tracks of music that are "too loud" or "too soft" easily.

I've also used it to record my commentary on another channel while using gameplay footage recorder so I have more flexibility in the audio levels.



I still own SoundForge 4.5c from win98 era! before Sony's bought it. I can tell that Audacity is a copycat of SoundForge by using both. But still, for a free version, it is worth it.



Audacity is critical to my podcast production workflow. A few other features to note:

Dragging + dropping audio files into Audacity imports them.

Truncate silence filter eliminates/shortens pauses in conversations.

Compressor filter amplifies quiet sounds, and makes the difference between loud and quiet less distinct.


Arthur Dent

Audacity is great. I almost never edit audio, but audacity is always one of the first programs I install. Occasionally I'll get an mp3 that has errors or an audiobook that isn't divided into separate chapters, and just having a program right there for fixing that is excellent.