AT&T's First Android Phone Ditches Traditional Hinge, Google Apps

Ryan Whitwam

It looks like AT&T could finally be getting its first Android powered handset . While this may be good news for those on the network that have been hankering for some Android, there are some odd things going on here. The Motorola Backflip/Enzo (name still in question) eschews the hinge mechanism we’re all familiar with. It's basically backwards so that when closed, the back of the phone has the keyboard exposed.

The phone runs on Motorola’s MotoBlur implementation of Android 1.5 similar to the T-Mobile CLIQ. The phone will have a 3.1 inch capacitive display, Wi-Fi, 5MP camera, and that same old Qualcomm 528Mhz CPU. The camera is at one end of the keyboard and faces the user when the phone is open. There’s also apparently a touchpad on the back of the phone (opposite the keyboard) that can be used for no-look scrolling.

The Backflip/Enzo takes the inadvisable step of ditching all the Google applications except for Maps. That’s right; this Android phone looks like it will ship with no Gmail, Gtalk, or even Google Search. There is a Yahoo search widget in place of the standard Google one. In an almost complete disconnect from reality, a Google login is still required to use the phone. It’s also loaded down with the usual AT&T software. No word on pricing or release date yet.

So, can an Android phone succeed without all those Google apps? Check out more pics here .

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